Case Studies

Un-burdening the Shoulder

A professional baseball player was having difficulties with his right hip, groin area, right knee, and right shoulder. While pitching in a game, he injured his pitching shoulder, and later that night his girlfriend broke up with him. Medical treatment was helping his shoulder, but there was real concern for his career. READ MORE

Turning Troubles Into Bubbles

I was demonstrating Reiki at a children’s health fair. All the kids who came to me had had difficult hospital stays. With each child, I would say something like, “Would you like to get rid of the yucky feelings from when you were in the hospital?”
“YEAAAAAA!” was the answer. READ MORE

Horsing Around

At our annual neighborhood block party, we had a horse and a pony giving children rides on a hot July day. I was concerned for the animals, but thought that the people from the stable knew best.
After not too long, the pony began to limp. The front right leg was buckling. I went to the pony and asked, “Do you want some Reiki?” READ MORE

Treating Past Lives Heals the Present

During a small Reiki One class, one of the two students, Amanda,* talked about what she felt was her continued reaction to the World Trade Center attacks. We hoped that the energy work would help release some of her pain.

We were starting a lesson which is usually a very relaxing experience. However, Amanda began to experience pain in her right temple. I intervened, and we quickly moved her onto the Reiki table.
The other student, Genevieve,* was psychically astute, and as we began to offer Reiki, a picture unfolded in our minds: we were in the midst of a battle scene involving arrows and swords. READ MORE