Talkin’ Baseball

Un-burdening the shoulder: Energetic Empowerment helps a baseball player’s career

stadiumA professional baseball player was having difficulties with his right hip, groin area, right knee, and right shoulder. While pitching in a game, he injured his pitching shoulder, and later that night his girlfriend broke up with him. Medical treatment was helping his shoulder, but there was real concern for his career.

We began to talk about old unconscious belief systems, how they gain strength over time, and how, as a result, individuals will:

• attract people according to their own unconscious beliefs (“I’m always left alone,” meet “I’m outta here.” )
• project their beliefs on objective reality, and
• manifest their deeply held beliefs through the actions they take

We devised a plan using Energetic Empowerment to relieve the pain and the pattern that drove it:

1.) Ground the individual energetically and balance the chakras
2.) Release the physical trauma using sound and Reiki energy
3.) Deliver more Reiki energy to relax the affected areas
4.) Explore the areas intuitively for beliefs and associated events
5.) Release old beliefs and repurpose the areas to reflect new beliefs

What we learned is that the right side, especially the shoulder, contained the effects of years of abusive coaches.
His girlfriend had found her way in on the same channels, treating a stand-up man with less respect than he deserved by far.

We released a great deal of that abuse directly from his biofield and offered Reiki energy to heal and balance the shoulder, particularly.

His next medical checkup was 100%, and his confidence improved. Since he would be on the road, the pitcher learned Reiki One so he could care for his shoulder himself at any moment during the season. As of this writing, he is starting spring training and is in excellent condition on all levels.