Troubles Into Bubbles

Energetic Empowerment gets rid of yucky stuff.

lamb chop stuffed animalI was demonstrating Reiki at a children’s health fair. I had brought colorful decorations for my table, pictures of energy healing, and bottles of soap bubbles with special added labels I had made, saying, “Reiki Turns Troubles into Bubbles!”

Interestingly, every child who was brought to me had experienced at least one long hospital stay. Their parents stated that their physical problems were solved or under control. Yet auras were dulled. Posture tended to be slightly weighed down.

With each child, I would say something like, “Would you like to get rid of the yucky feelings from the hospital stay?” They would say, “YEAAAAAA!” or nod solemnly, or just smile and show me their newly sprouting teeth and say, “Yep!”

We would use a little Energetic Empowerment, starting with some Reiki energy. Their energy fields would increase in amplitude very quickly, as children typically take in Reiki twice as fast as adults. As I scanned each energy field, I’d say something like,

“Show me where the yucky stuff is!”

They would point, and, indeed, the energy was heavier in that area. I would confirm their choice of location. “Now, I’d like to take this and make it into a big ball, like a snowball!” I’d say. “Is it OK with you if I do this? Can you give it to me?” They would release it. I’d roll it up with my hands, using big gestures.

“Now,” I’d say something like, “I want to throw it into the trash! Is that OK?” They’d nod, or smile, and agree. And I would create an energetic trashcan and dump it in, blessing it to the Earth and asking that the energy be transmuted for the good of the Earth.

“Would you like me to take when you felt sad?” I’d say. Some of them would answer with a nod and a downturned mouth, just thinking of it. And we’d work with that. If they had been angry or fearful, we’d work with that. With older children, they might relate what had happened, and together, we’d reassure the younger, more traumatized inner child. Sometimes, there was a rush of energy as anesthesia also came from their cells.

Each child worked a little differently. At the end of the mini-session, all their energy fields were brighter, more integrated, and more balanced. “How do you feel?” I would ask. The smiles that came in return were beautiful. “I feel lots BETTER!” They’d jump down from the chair, and everything about them was more alive and free.