Energetic Empowerment

EE helps you transform your inner and outer worlds.

LindaDeep within you is the person you always wanted to be. Energetic Empowerment works with you to find out what’s standing in your way, and to gently help you transform both yourself and your world.

We use age-old and current energetic methods and techniques, including The DC Shift, Chakra Psychology, Reiki Energy, Intuition, Active Visualization, the Internal Family Systems Therapy Model, EFT, and more, to help you see and work with your deeply held Belief Systems, and to update your energy field so that it frees you from the negatives of the past and supports your adult life.

Clients who work in this realm experience and report lasting change in both themselves and their treatment from others, their ease in accomplishing goals, and, very importantly, their ideas about the goals themselves. Life becomes more meaningful and real as they consider why they came to the planet in the first place and what they are truly here to accomplish. Long-buried talents come to the fore. There is even room for happiness and lightheartedness.

As you change, your world changes, too.

Please join us on the best adventure of all. Yours.