Chakra Psychology

Are you trying to live as an adult with a child’s energy system?

mirrorThe chakras are energy centers in the body that take in energy and distribute it to the physical body. They also serve as organs of psychic perception, and as recording discs of information from our lives. There are many chakras in the body, but Energetic Empowerment works primarily with the main seven.

These seven chakras, according to Dr. Anodea Judith in her brilliant book, Eastern Body, Western Mind, have psychological rights connected with them. If you are not experiencing all the rights associated with a particular chakra, it may be that the chakra is deficient, excessive, or both.

Often, chakras go out of balance because of events in our early years. For instance, if your uncle is passed out on the sofa from drinking, and everyone says, “Oh, no, he’s just taking a little nap,” then Chakra Five may become unbalanced. Chakra Five is about hearing and speaking the truth. But it is also key in supporting our creativity and authentic self-expression.

Or, if we are threatened by an adult every time we cry, we will shut down Chakra Two so that we don’t feel so much, and therefore avoid getting hurt. But Chakra Two is also all about pleasure and innocence in life.

The problem is often that we are trying to accomplish adult goals with a child’s chakra system. Generally, the chakra adjustments that helped us survive as a child are the opposite of what we need as adults. Energetic Empowerment helps you consciously update your energy system so you have the support you need to do what you came to do.

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