The Rights of the Chakras

These are the birthright of every human being.

chakras2As children, we typically unconsciously influence chakra energy in order to deal with rules at home, resolve dissonance, and avoid psychic pain. The impaired chakra system that gets us through childhood rarely supports a successful, authentic adulthood.

But the good news is that we can change. We can establish a new relationship with our chakras, one that supports us as adults, and gives us the grounding, strength, and self-esteem to do what we came to do. Energetic Empowerment helps. (Click on Image for printable file)

Chakra Seven = The Right to Know
The right to accurate information, to knowledge, truth, and to simply know what’s going on.

Chakra Six = The Right to See
Clear physical seeing, psychic perception, and the seeing of patterns, so mistakes are less likely to be repeated.

Chakra Five = The Right to Speak and Hear Truth
Clear communications. Avoidance of lies, secrets. Ability to create and express your authentic self.

Chakra Four = The Right to Love and be Loved
Supported by loving parents, freedom and support in society for love between certain groups, high self esteem, good communications.

Chakra Three = The Right to Act
To have autonomy and individuality in the context of the family, to innovate, to be oneself, to be free.

Chakra Two = The Right to Feel
Being able to feel your feelings without threat of punishment. Enjoying pleasure, including sexual pleasure. Plus, a sense of innocence.

Chakra One = The Right to Be and to Have
Feeling welcome in your life. Feeling connected in a family or group. Self-care. Enjoying abundance.

Source: Eastern Body, Western Mind available in the Bookstore