Reiki Energy

Supporting balance and healing.

Reiki energy is considered to be a special kind of ki, or chi, that brings both the physical body and energy field into balance. This Japanese energy modality is believed to strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki energy tends to flow where it is needed first, without the recipient or practitioner consciously knowing what is required.

Reiki comes through the practitioner, who places hands in the energy field of the recipient and, respectfully, on the body, with permission. Reiki goes through clothing, casts, and other medical dressings.

Reiki is a soothing stress reducer and relaxer, especially since a practitioner’s hands will generally heat up if a particular area of the body “calls” for it. Reiki supports intuitive awareness. Plus, it feels wonderful!

There are studies and case histories indicating that Reiki is effective for gastrointestinal illness, depression, AIDS, HIV+, addiction, chronic pain, lupus, fibromyalgia and more. It speeds the healing of broken bones and wounds. Helen Dziemidko, M.D., author of The Complete Book of Energy Medicines, states that with Reiki, “Chronic conditions may take time to improve, but the effects of accidents and acute illnesses may clear up in only one session. Healing may not necessarily be on a physical level.”

Download “Reiki – Review of a Biofield Therapy : History, Practice, and Research” by Pamela Miles and Dr. Gala True