The DC Shift

Shifting helps you see what’s really driving you.

dcshiftWhen we experience trauma or illness, the vibrational frequency (amplitude) of our aura increases, in what is called a DC (Direct Current) Shift. We have what the great energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere calls “an open-mind” field. We are easily programmable. What we are told or tell ourselves about events in our lives goes into the subconscious, where it affects us at a deep level. We are generally being driven by old beliefs and attitudes we’re not even aware of. No wonder it feels so hard to change sometimes.

People often don’t want to look at this old material because they believe that they would have to re-live the trauma in order to release it. That’s not true, in our experience. The material must be released at the same amplitude as it went in. Yes, reliving the trauma would do it. But there’s a gentler way. Reiki energy, used along with visualization, intuition, and intention, the essence of Energetic Empowerment, can easily create the appropriate amplitude.

You can have more access to the attitudes, feelings, and beliefs that have been driving you, release the ones that don’t work, and replace them at your own pace with something more supportive.

Read Dr. Valerie Hunt’s groundbreaking study with Rosalyn Bruyere, “A Study of Structural Integration from Neuromuscular, Energy Field, and Emotional Approaches.”