Frequently Asked Questions

How does Energetic Empowerment happen?

I, Linda, will work with you, incorporating Reiki, The DC Shift, energy healing, sound healing, intuition, guidance, active visualization, chakra psychology, auric psychology and more. We work together so you can see what’s going on with you at deep levels and through time. So you can get a greater sense of your total self – what you are doing here, what you came to accomplish, what is standing in your way, and what you need to make things happen. We work together for your best possible outcome. No two sessions are alike. You’ll also get simple (and often fun) assignments you can do to keep the process moving until next time. More on sessions in Session Details.

Before we go on, how about some credentials?

I have documented over 4,500 private sessions in Reiki and Energetic Empowerment. Have done hundreds more Reiki energy sessions in settings as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, for World Trade Center workers, for old Rock & Rollers at Madison Square Garden, in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Presented to medical students at The SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and at the Pain Clinic and at Grand Rounds in the Mental Health Clinic at the Brooklyn Veterans Affairs Hospital. Am a member of the Visiting Faculty at Cancer Care Inc., New York. Offer individual sessions, training in Reiki One, Reiki Two, and Mastership, as well as workshops in Energetic Empowerment and intuitive development. You can see my full CV here.

What’s the process?

The process is simple. You come to my house in Brooklyn, NY, with the healing room on the second floor. It’s good to have comfortable clothes – there’s a place to change in, if you need to. It’s a 70’s bathroom. (We left it in its glory – it may inspire memories.) Then at the start of the session, we sit and talk for a few minutes about your current situation and goals. I make notes. There’s bottled water for you.

Then, when you are ready, you lie down or sit up on my comfortable massage table. You’ll be fully clothed except for shoes. You can have a blanket or comforter if you want it. We begin focusing on what you need. I use my intuitive abilities to help you see what’s going on, and my skills to work with you to find and release what’s holding you back, and replace or repurpose what we find. So I don’t heal you. I help you heal yourself. You may not even spend the entire time on the table. You may need to get up and move around. Or build things out of what you find in the room. It really depends on what will work the best for you.

I’m no where near New York City.  What about me?

If you are a distance from the New York area, we can work together by phone.  We can do full two-hour sessions; my phone clients find them to be very effective.  At present, clients in Europe and the Western United States are doing Energetic Empowerment by phone.

How long does it take?

The session itself is booked in a two-hour window. We typically take less than two hours, but it’s there if we need it.

I mean, how long does transformation take?

It really depends on what is going on with you, how motivated you are, and the nature of what has happened to you. For some people, the most healing thing is to progress slowly and carefully on a bi-weekly basis, because they’ve always been rushed through their lives by other people’s expectations. If you are going through a very bad time (major break-up or extreme stress at work or fighting with siblings over an estate, for example) it’s good to work weekly for four to six sessions. Thereafter, my suggestion is to come regularly every two to three weeks until you are satisfied that you have accomplished what you came for. The course of recovery has its ups and downs, and some people stop at the first little dip. This is a shame, because the people who stick with it make significant and lasting changes for the better in their lives.

How do I know a piece of the work is done?

You will start to see different and more desirable results in your life. But it all doesn’t happen in the first session. Someone once came with a 20-year disease history and was annoyed after the first session because she felt much better – but not perfect.

Does this conflict with therapy?

No, actually, it works very well with therapy – pretty much hand in glove. You can bring what you learn there to me, and bring what you learn with me to your therapist. Generally, it speeds up the therapeutic process.

Are you a therapist?

No, I am not a clinically trained psychotherapist. I am an energy worker. I do touch on therapeutic issues, however. If you need a therapist in NYC, I can make a recommendation.

You sound pretty straightforward. But that rattle…

There is science behind that shamanic tool. It helps with The DC Shift. As to the rest, yes, I am pretty straightforward. I was raised in the Midwest, in a milieu of basketball and auto racing, have a good sense of humor, worked for years in the corporate world, lead a kind of normal family life. But there is another part of me that knows how to travel to various levels of reality to help you really realize your full potential. In nearly 14 years of full-time practice, I’ve seen nearly everything.

Why can’t you use energy work to simply release physical pain, without getting into psychology and – whatever it is you do?

Energy work can indeed release pain. Yet, one of the greatest energy workers himself became very ill by trying to heal symptoms only, possibly because it was like trying to repair a leak and having three more leaks spring out next time.

You see, the body is expressive, and you are a multidimensional being. Often, the pain is some kind of wake-up call. If we simply try to stop the pain, that’s like trying to put a wet bandage on the situation. The body will express the problem some other way.

So we have to check and see what’s underneath the pain. That way, the pain has a chance of leaving for good, rather than becoming an ongoing problem.

How is this process going to affect me?

You will feel great some of the time, and probably experience some ups and downs at other times. I will offer you suggestions to help you feel more comfortable and stay productive in the process. One thing, you will definitely NOT stay still or stagnate – unless, of course, you insist upon it. But if you are motivated, you’ll do a lot.

Why would I experience ups and downs?

That’s just the way growth goes. You move through levels. It’s like peeling an onion. I can see when people are in the process of completing a certain level. There may be a number of weeks in their lives of feeling more and more ease and more smooth sailing. Then, when they choose go to a deeper level, there’s a definite feeling of uncertainty, as if we are in new territory. Crankiness ensues until they’ve had a chance to release some material. And then, very quickly, they’re better! So if you get cranky, you’re simply in process. Come back!

What are your rates?

My rate for a two-hour window Energetic Empowerment session is $160.

Do you have a sliding scale?


How do I book?

Please call me, 917-804-6740.

PLEASE NOTE that at least 24 hours’ notice is necessary for rescheduling or canceling a scheduled session. More is appreciated. The time you schedule is exclusively for you, as I book only a few sessions a day, each several hours apart. If you cancel in less than 24 hours, payment for the session is required.

Do you do other services besides Energetic Empowerment?

Yes, I also offer:

Classical Reiki Session (1-hour window) $100
A simple Reiki session, done with music or in silence. It’s an excellent stress reliever, great for chronic pain or fatigue.

Mommy and Me Reiki (30 minutes) $50
Designed for moms of young children – and the kids themselves. A quick, snuggly shared Reiki session that both will enjoy. Recently, a previously cranky 4-month-old girl kept tapping her tiny hand into my palm, looking at me with gorgeous blue eyes, obviously delighted. Moms feel better, too!

Traveling Sessions
A traveling session for Energetic Empowerment or Reiki is available, on occasion. This is particularly useful if the individual is unable to come to me because of physical or time constraints or, for those in the public eye, concern about privacy. Call me 917-804-6740 to talk about timing and rates.

Space Clearing
I clear apartments, houses, and other dwellings and buildings, releasing negative energy, emotions, and entities. Please call for details.

I teach Reiki One, Reiki Two, Mastership, Energetic Empowerment and other workshops in intuitive development. Please explore more in Training Overview.