Services and Fees

Energetic Empowerment (2-hour window) $160

Classical Reiki Session (1-hour window) $100
A simple Reiki session, done with music or in silence. It’s an excellent stress reliever, great for chronic pain or fatigue.

Mommy and Me Reiki (30 minutes) $50
Designed for moms of young children and the kids themselves. A quick, snuggly shared Reiki session that both will enjoy. (Children take in Reiki twice as fast as adults.) Recently, a previously cranky 4-month-old girl kept tapping her tiny hand into my palm, looking at me with gorgeous blue eyes, obviously delighted. Moms feel better, too!

Traveling Sessions
A traveling session for Energetic Empowerment or Reiki is available. This is particularly useful if the individual is unable to come to me because of physical or time constraints or, for those in the public eye, concern about privacy. Call for details.

Space Clearing
I clear apartments, houses, and other dwellings and buildings, releasing negative energy, emotions, and entities. Please call for details.

I teach Reiki One, Reiki Two, Mastership, Energetic Empowerment and other workshops in intuitive development. Explore more in Training Overview.

Gift Certificates
Beautiful, and can be personalized.

Sliding scale available, please call me 917-804-6740.