Auric Anatomy

Key to changing your perception of the world.

There are four main parts to the aura, a field of energy around the body that vibrates at higher levels the farther it is from the body. The primary parts are:

  • the etheric body, occupying the same space as the physical body
  • the emotional body, carrying a full range of emotion
  • the mental body, dealing primarily with what we believe about life
  • the causal body, containing our Higher Self, possible past lives, and our connection with higher-level energy, including divine energy

(Some experts place the astral body, the one that travels, with the emotional body, and others with the causal body.)

From an energy perspective, we look at the world directly through our emotional and mental bodies. Imagine how this might affect the way we perceive objective reality! Richard Gerber, M.D., writes in  A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine, “If one accepts the astral/[emotional] aspect of human emotion, one must consider the possibility that certain emotional disturbances might not be totally due to neurochemical imbalances, as most psychiatrists assume.”

In an Energetic Empowerment session, we work within the aura to find and release blocks, distortions, and low-vibrating material that can have a negative effect on our emotions, on physical health, and how we see the world.

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